No System Goes Un-Gamed

And if you change the rules, you change the games people play.

In Angola, Wikipedia is free to visit on people’s cellular plans. Visits there won’t count against their relatively small data limits. This seems like such a nice idea, doesn’t it? Information can truly be free.


Angolans started swapping pirated movies over Wikipedia. Because, hey, it’s free.

I think I’m impressed by the creativity, but it does show once again that we just can’t have nice things anymore. Someone will always destroy it purposefully. Sad.

The Best Videos of OSCon 2015

O’Reilly doesn’t give away the videos of the presentations at OSCon, ironically enough. You have to buy them as a package.

They do, however, live cast the keynotes on a daily basis to the internet and post those videos on-line immediately.

Here are my favorites:

“Situation Normal, Everything Must Change” by Simon Wardley

“The Future is Awesome” by Paul Fenwick

“Making Architecture Matter” by Martin Fowler

“Change-Making at the Largest Public Interest Startup” by Mikey Dickerson

If you can only watch one, I’d go with Simon Wardley’s…