Apple’s New Tables

Apple’s new campus is large that it requires super long tables. 500 of them. 18′ each. The Apple Store tables are nice, but the Apple Campus tables are nice and suitable for a game of shuffleboard.

They’re being made in Europe, with wood from Belgium and German. And then shipped to California, which is what turned out to be the most fascinating part of the story for me:

The order of Pod Island Tables is currently in transit inside capacious 40′ x 40′ shipping containers, each piece carefully protected within large aluminum wrap, each piece vacuum sealed to keep the wood protected as they journey across the Atlantic. Eventually each of the 500 tables—alongside 300 Essenza tables, and 200 other benches—will be installed by crane and dolly within Apple Campus 2, where the company’s nearly 13,000 employees will come into contact with a table that began its life nearly 6,000 miles away, each as unique as the towering trees with which each was made.

The mind boggles… I just love the picture of something being vacuum sealed inside of aluminum foil, too. I never buy bigger than the 75′ roll when it’s on sale. I can’t imagine the size of the box they use for these tables. Maybe they’re available at CostCo?

Also, it would likely drive me nuts to work at a place like Apple or Pixar which they design to make sure more social interactions are forced to happen. Ick. I hate cubicles as much as the next guy, but I hate those rows of computers in open planned offices that Silicon Valley seems to love so much, even more