If Only I Had a Use Case for an Apple Watch…

Time to get the kid dressed for school. What’s the weather? Check out the weather app on my phone to see.

I got up from my desk at noon for the first time that day. Spent three hours sitting down. Felt stiff. Back hurt. Need to remember to get up more often.

Since switching to Direct TV from the cable company, my receivers don’t have clocks anymore. So I find myself pulling my phone out of my front pocket to check the time a lot more. And when I’m playing a board game on the floor with my daughter and my wife texts me, I dig deep to pull the phone out to look at the message. When it comes time to put a “five minute” warning on the end of play time, I grab for the phone again.

I left the phone sitting on my desk when I walked downstairs and back. I lost those steps in my pedometer, not to mention the total count of stairs walked.

When I’m cooking dinner, I pull the phone out to set a timer. When I’m cleaning the dishes, I play a podcast off my phone, sometimes with ear buds in, but other times with the phone on the counter and the speakers up loud. When someone calls for me from the other room when I’m doing dishes, I have to dry off my hands to run over to the phone and hit the pause button.

Then I hopped on my stationary bike and pedaled for 45 minutes. According to my bike, I did about 12 miles. But I stupidly took the phone out of my pocket and so it didn’t count that exercise as “steps” towards my daily goal.

I love my iPhone 6 and I like its bigger size, except for taking it into and out of my pocket. I used to just throw it in there without thinking about it on my 4S. It was small enough to slide easily in. With the 6, I have to be more careful. If there’s anything else already in that pocket, I have to negotiate more carefully.

This is all stuff that happened to me the other day that made me think, “The Apple Watch would have made all of those situations easier, or fixed them, or simplified things….”

This may be a First World Problem, but it is interesting to realize there IS a use case to a device you thought of as unnecessary for a long while.