Typo Driven Development

I had one of those days:

Seriously, I spent more time debugging the tests than I did the code. The good news here is that my code was pretty good on the first pass, which is rare. I just couldn’t wrangle the tests together without every typo known to man sneaking in.


The kinda actually serious answer to this is, yes. I compile my code before I run it in Perl. I have a vi shortcut, so all I have to do is type “cc” to compile the code and see if there are any syntax errors. Then I type “rr” and it runs for me.

I’m somewhat proud of that workflow. It’s the little things that make me happy, I guess.

One last tangent: “tt” is the shortcut I use to run PerlTidy against the code. I don’t accept all the suggestions, but it’s good enough to make me happy. I know I can modify the changes it looks to make, but I haven’t gotten the energy up to do that research yet. Laziness is a virtue, right, Larry Wall? ;–)