How We Used to Code

To everyone who talks about the relatively minor differences in computer languages today:

This is how we had to do it thirty years ago, from the backs of computer magazines.

Here’s the closeup:

This kind of stuff would go on for three columns per page, and multiple pages per program. Thankfully, as I recall, the last couple of pairs were the checksum that you had typed the line in right. You didn’t go far after making a mistake…

It wasn’t all bad, though: You could also mail a check out for something like $10 or $20, and they’d send you a floppy disc with all the code on it already. Like Mom and Dad would let you get away with that

For completeness’ sake, here’s how to enter the code:

This came out of COMPUTE! magazine, dated December 1987. It had a sister publication, COMPUTE!’S GAZETTE that focused on Commodore computers.