Random Linkage for 19 Oct 2013

  • I made my open source contribution this weekend by adding a “Podcasts” listing page to the Elixir Wiki. Only two listings there so far, but let me know if you find others!

  • This is allegedly Facebook’s original home page code. Makes me hate PHP all over again. But you know what? It got the job done. And once the site scaled, they did all sorts of crazy things that they needed to go to keep things going. Nothing to be ashamed of there.

  • Interesting look at CSS code mistakes in Top 1000 websites. Most of these lessons won’t apply to most of us. Any website we work on is likely not quite this large. But the lessons are useful to keep in mind. I can hack my way through CSS, but this advanced stuff is new to me. (That said, even I would guess that using 700 floats on a single page is likely a poor design decision.)

  • I’m embarrassed to admit that I forgot about this, but I bet most people today wouldn’t know the answer to this question: Where are the A: and B: drives in Windows? What really makes me old is that one answer made sure to include a picture of the devices they were talking about, since lots of people today have never used a floppy disk! (ACK! OLD!)

  • Random thought: If I were designing the keyboard today, the pipe key would not require a shift.