Functional Programming in Ruby

Like so many these days, I’m intrigued by functional programming. There’s something so pure and so mind-bending about it that it’s easy to capture your interest and attention. I’ve been toying with Elixir to explore this path, which is basically Erlang rewritten by a Ruby programmer. (Yes, that’s a horribly general thing to say, but it’s what attracted me to the language in the first place. So just go with it…)

Today I watched Jessica Kerr’s presentation from this year’s Windy City Rails conference and it was awesome. It’s only a half hour, but it’s worth the time to see a great example of how to do functional programming with Ruby. She has some easy to understand rules and a simple, yet solid, example to get you started.

I want to go break out some stabby lambdas now…

October 20, 2013 Update: Sitepoint has a three part series called “Functional Programming Techniques With Ruby” that’s worth a read.